Solar Powered Lighting for Banners and Billboards



Solar street lighting systems are becoming more and more popular all around the world as it ensures and provides long-term power saving and elimination of the need to use additional power.


Sunny Side-Up LED Bar



There are two optional lengths: 1022 mm and 517 mm.





LED: 3W, 300 Lumens


Solar Panel: 4.05W


Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion,10AH / 3.7V


Solar Charging Time: 6-7 hours by bright sunlight


Lighting Time: More than 3 night after fully charged


Lighting Mode:


* Mode 1- First 6 Hrs 300 lumen + 45 lumens till dawn

* Mode 2 – First 5 Hrs 300 lumen + 6 Hrs 45 lumens+300 lumen till dawn



Light Color Option: White, Warm White, RGB color (not changeable)


Work Temperature: -25℃ to 65℃


Material: Aluminum + PC


IP Grade: IP65Light


Size: 517 x 108 x 128 mm